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Sebeiba a heritage classified as world heritage by UNESCO, commemorated by the two oldest tribes of the oasis of Djanet Kel- Zalouaze and Kel- Almizan and remains the third tribe of Kel- Adjahil as a spectator, Sebeiba is an artistic painting which represents a war without blood between the last two tribes in one specific place, Doghayya.

Women play the drums women applaud and sing.

with others dress up in special traditional costumes with their silver jewelry.

The men dance with swords in the hand and the scarf in the other hand, follow the singing rhythm of the women also dress up in special traditionals costumes.

All these shows represent a peaceful war and the victory of the prophet Moses over the pharaoh Ramses II, according to the oral narrations of Djanet peuples.

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